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rupostel one page checkout

Rupostel One Page Checkout

Can be placed on any page, including multiple pages, and supports virtually all normal Virtuemart shopping cart features.

  • Full integration with AwoCoupon
  • Automatically sets shipping to 0 if customer purchases only AwoCoupon gift certificates
  • Provides faster, simplier and more transparent checkout process
  • Supports all payment gateways and all shipping methods

Other Extensions

Perfect for referral program based on coupon system. Lets you set up coupons for affiliates which they can use to promote your products and earn their commission on the sales.

A powerful marketing tool which works with or without AwoCoupon to produce a fantastic reward system! Yes, you can reward your customers for anything from registration to product review, from following you on Twitter to liking you on Facebook, from successful friend referral to earning points on friends' orders.

awocoupon acymailing
AwoCoupon plugin for AcyMailing
AcyMailing is a powerfull marketing component that allows you to manage e-communication with customers via newsletters, e-mail marketing, follow-up auto-responses and more. This plugin allows you to autogenerate coupons for these marketing tools.

csv improved
CSV Improved
CSV Improved allows for the import/export of your Virtuemart shop data. CSVI Pro now supports the AwoCoupon/AwoCoupon Pro for VirtueMart component. If you have this component installed CSVI Pro will detect it and make the import/export features available.

dynamic awocoupon
Dynamic AwoCoupon from Interamind
This extremely powerful plugin lets you add dynamic AwoCoupons into VirtueMart's email templates. You can use it in both the FREE Order Follow-up plugin or in Virtuemart Emails Manager.

virtuemart purchasing rules
VirtueMart Purchasing Rules
Allows administrators to create rules to restrict/enable purchasing of individual products and/or categories in VirtueMart.